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Thursday, May 19, 2016

28-Week Scan Appointment

Assalamualaikum :)

Alhamdulillah, my pregnancy is now entering the third trimester. I am 28-Weeks pregnant, chuols! Can't even believe it myself. Lol. So this morning I went to KKPG for my 28w scan appointment. Finally, it is time for me to see what my little baby is doing inside my tummy. So excited and nervous!

Abang didn't come with me because he got to go to work, it's okay. Registered at the registration counter at 8a.m, and finally been called to enter the scanning room at 9.50a.m! Well, I've got used to waiting for a very long time since early pregnancy check-ups. Umph

So when I entered the room, there was this one lady sonographer waiting and asking me to lay down on the bed. I asked for her permission to record a video of the screen for me to show to my husband. She said yes, no problem, and there I go; start recording.

It took her about 5 minutes to scan my tummy and explaining to me about my baby's condition. Oh my baby, why you so shy-shy cat to show me your gender? I was so excited to know your gender, you know, because Mama and Abah want to go shopping. Doctor kata nak buat surprise kat Mama ler tu! Haih. And then she showed me baby's head, heartbeat, legs and blabla. But I can only see his/her head and hearbeat. The rest, cannot see lor. Oh yes, baby is still in breech position. Baby is given chance until 37 weeks old to turn around. Inshaa Allah, you can do it baby!

Then I stop recording video, and suddenly "Camera has stopped working". Wth is going onnnnnnn! The video I recorded was not saved! It is goneeee. Kahhhhhh. Ni ler namanya takde rezeki ye dak. Sobs.

Nvm, I've made appointment with Poliklinik Norbi for 3D scan this Sunday. This time my hubby can enter the room with me and see the baby himself. Yeahh! Hopefully baby is no more shy-shy cat okehh. Amin! Let's see.

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